1. HB 2357 Provides that Department of Corrections, as condition of temporary leave of more than 30 days, requires inmate to reside in county where inmate resided at time of offense that resulted in imprisonment.


2. HB 2436 Requires as condition of parole that parolee reside for 6 months in county where parolee resided at time of offense. (Ship 'Em Back)


3. HB 2437 Requires court to consider parent's failure to report child abuse in making parental rights termination decision. Blended into HB 3200.


4. HB 2573 Authorizes donor of food to food bank or other charities to be exempt from liability except for gross negligence.


5. HB 2574 Provides that custodial parents are civilly liable for damage to property recklessly caused by their minor children.


6. HB 2575 Requires Children's Services Division to include notice that information does not necessarily reflect outcomes of judicial proceedings when it supplies reports to central state registry on child abuse.


7. HB 2977 Requires county assessor to accept Board of Equalization, Department of Revenue and court orders determining corrected assessed value for at least 5 years following order, subject to indexing or trending.


8. HB 3388 Prohibits discrimination in residential real estate transactions on basis of familial status or disability.


9. HB 3391 Prohibits motor vehicle insurer from assigning person to higher risk category solely on grounds that person has let prior insurance lapse unless such person drove without insurance.


10. HB 3455 Limits liability of good-faith donors of general merchandise or household items to charities or nonprofit organizations.


11. HB 3478 Establishes Housing Agency Low Income Rental Housing Fund in State Treasury, separate from General Fund. Provides for interest on renters' deposits to go to Fund.