1. HB 2250 Allows use of certified mail whenever current statutes require use of registered mail only.


2. HB 2542 Separates elements of sexual abuse in first degree to create crimes of sexual abuse in first and second degrees. Provides that intentionally causing minor to use animal for arousal or gratification of sexual desire of a person is sexual abuse in first degree. Punishes new crime of sexual abuse in first degree by maximum 10 years' imprisonment, $100,000 fine, or both. Requires Oregon Criminal Justice Council to study certain sex offender characteristics. Repeals sunset on council. Declares emergency, effective on passage.


3. HB 2543 Provides that post-prison supervision for person convicted of committing or attempting to commit specified sexual offenses shall extend for length of time equal to maximum statutory indeterminate sentence for offense. Requires court, if execution of sentence is suspended, to place person on probation for minimum of five years and maximum period equal to maximum statutory indeterminate sentence for offense.


4. HB 2545 Creates crime of child neglect in first degree. Punishes by maximum 10 years imprisonment, $100,000 fine, or both. Creates crime of child neglect in second degree. Punishes by maximum one-year's imprisonment, $2500 fine, or both.


5. HB 2580 Provides that manufacturing of schedule I, II, or III controlled substances near school or delivering controlled substances to anyone near school is punishable by maximum 20 years of imprisonment, $100,000 fine, or both.


6. HB 2581 Makes use of minor to aid or abet in manufacture or distribution of controlled substance Class A felony with exception prescribing Class A misdemeanor if violation involves delivery for no consideration of less than five grams of marijuana.


7. HB 2582 Enhances penalties for defendant who uses minor in commission of felony controlled substance offense.

8. HB 2586 Authorizes court to cause evaluation of each person convicted of crime to determine alcohol or drug dependency. Requires court, if person is alcoholic or drug-dependent, to include provisions relating to alcohol or drug treatment in sentence or conditions of probation.


9. HB 2660 Creates crime of unlawfully obtaining dog or cat. Punishes by maximum one-year imprisonment or $2500 fine, or both. Provides standards and record-keeping requirements for certain pet dealers.


10. HB 2662 Allows foreign restraining order to have same effect as judgment of court of this state for period of 30 days after person protected by order arrives in state.


11. HB 2667 Adds employees of alcohol and drug treatment programs to list of persons required to report child abuse.


12. HB 2668 Allows tort action for child abuse to be brought by victim within three years of date on which injury or causal connection between abuse and injury is discovered or should have been discovered in exercise of reasonable care. Specifies that victim may not commence action, for child abuse occurring while victim was within 18 years of age, after victim attains 40 years of age.


13. HB 2681 Provides that possession by person of photograph, motion picture, videotape, or other visual recording of sexual conduct involving child is a Class C felony.


14. HB 2721A Modifies law to include parental liability for reckless tort actions (incorporated committed by minor child. Increases limit on damages payable into SB 722) by legally obligated parents.


15. HB 2722 Authorizes withholding of child support obligations from workers' (incorporated compensation permanent total and permanent partial disability into SB 222) benefits so that payment may be made to parent owed support.


16. HB 2724 Increases benefits to surviving children of worker who dies of injury covered by workers' compensation law.


17. HB 2726 Establishes procedure for non-complying employers to object to acceptance of workers' compensation claims. Holds objecting employer liable for costs if order becomes final holding claim to be compensable. Requires audit of SAIF files to validate amount of certain reimbursements.


18. HB 2805 Authorizes court in final judgment to require convicted indigent defendant to pay reasonable attorney fees for appointed counsel and reasonable expenses.


19. HB 2854 Enacts Interstate Forest Fire Suppression Compact. Authorizes Governor to carry out provisions of compact.


20. HB 2918 Requires ballot designation indicating that judge is incumbent specify whether judge is elected or appointed incumbent. (Vetoed by Governor)


21. HB 2944 Authorizes licensed physician to hold person for up to 12 hours for transporting to treatment facility in certain situations.


22. HB 3096 Transfers specified sum from Reemployment Assistance Reserve to Vocational Rehabilitation Division. Limits use of transferred funds to worker with disabling compensable injury while employed by Oregon employer, subject to certain conditions.


23. HB 3097 Creates restricted energy electrician's license. Sets fees and (incorporated continuing education requirements. Provides qualifications. Into SB 1018) Creates grandfather provisions.


24. HB 3098 Establishes procedures for testing and determining blood alcohol content of boat operator. Applies motor vehicle standards to boats as to operating boat while intoxicated.


25. HB 3106 Allows peace officer to issue and serve citation based on probable cause that Class B or C misdemeanor has been committed.


26. HB 3112 Restricts authority of court to order that single agency or organization perform both diagnostic assessment and treatment of persons convicted of driving under the influence of intoxicants or of persons who are subject to court-approved diversion agreement. Authorizes creation of demonstration projects. Corrects references to Mental Health and Disabilities Services Division.


27. HB 3117 Requires dealers and vehicle owners to disclose in writing, to prospective buyers, vehicle's failure or inability to conform to express warranty. Allows buyer of vehicle to recover attorney fees and costs from person who fails to meet duty to disclose.


28. HB 3134 Requires financial institutions which maintain low income housing accounts to pay net interest earned upon sums deposited to each such account to Housing Agency Low Income Rental Housing Fund. Limits expenditures.


29. HB 3428 Expands offense of causing unreasonable noise with vehicle. Creates offense of creating public disturbance noise.


30. HJM 6 Increases gas tax for highway construction. Memorializes Congress to resist efforts to legalize possession, manufacture, sale and distribution of illicit drugs.


31. HJR 27 Allows for policing of public highways, roads, streets and roadside rest areas in this state if the revenues result from a tax or excise levied or imposed. (Ballot Measure 1, May 1992) (Defeated by voters)