1. HB 2349 Expands Family Abuse Prevention Act to include persons who have been involved in a sexually intimate relationship, not just persons who have lived together.


2. HB 2352 Makes time limitations for filing petitions for post-conviction relief retroactive, and allows judges to summarily dismiss frivolous petitions without appointing counsel.


3. HB 2355 In Workers' Compensation, allows employer or insurer to establish lien against third-party recovery by worker when third-party claim recovery has occurred before acceptance of the workers' compensation claim.


4. HB 2359 Makes Disputed Claims Settlements and Claims Disposition Agreements, under Workers' Compensation, subject to recovery of unpaid child support owed by the worker (up to 25% of proceeds).


5. HB 2360 Modifies standards for passage of new court rules by council on court procedures to require a "super-majority" of the council.


6. HB 2362 Requires all amusement ride operators to carry liability insurance. Includes bungee jumping rides in definition of amusement rides. Allows insurance company inspectors to provide operating inspections.


7. HB 2364 Clarifies law to allow rape victim to testify in private as to sexual history during hearing to determine whether or not sexual history is admissible evidence for purposes of trial.


8. HB 2365 Restricts minors from possessing firearms for four years after (incorporated they are released from juvenile court jurisdiction when the into HB 2514) minor committed an offense which would prevent an adult from possessing firearms.

9. HB 2367 Expands motor vehicle lemon law requiring notification of resale of vehicle previously returned as a lemon, so lemon law now applies to all classes of motor vehicles, not just automobiles.


10. HB 2368 Modifies definition of crime of abuse of corpse to divide it into two degrees of crime, with abuse of corpse in the first degree constituting a Class B felony where the perpetrator engages in sexual activity with the corpse, or dismembers, mutilates, cuts or strikes a corpse (other than through standard medical or embalming procedures).


11. HB 2372 Abandonment of an elderly person becomes a crime as part of (incorporated abuse of the elderly. Into HB 2318).


12. HB 2375 Where a crime victim has possibly been exposed to HIV by the (incorporated perpetrator, requires the court to order the convicted person to into HB 2216) submit to HIV testing upon request of the victim. Authorizes the court to order additional testing prior to the convicted person's release from probation or incarceration.


13. HB 2376 Allows Department of Justice of use monies received from anti-trust cases to provide consumer protection.


14. HB 2380 Makes it a crime to interfere with an assistance animal, search and rescue animal, and therapy animal, and provides special damages for owners or users of such animals when they are deliberately injured or killed.


15. HB 2409 Allows state agencies, which are required to submit reports to others to fulfill such general requirement by sending postcards notifying the recipients of the availability of such reports.


16. HB 2411 Repeals the sunset on Law Enforcement Medical Liability Account so that law enforcement entities may continue to use account to pay for prisoners' medical expenses.


17. HB 2412 Defines crime of stalking and allows for officers' protective order (incorporated as well as court protective order. Makes first violation a Class A into SB 833) misdemeanor and second and further violations a Class C felony.


18. HB 2514 Provides that person seeking relief from prohibition against possession of firearm applies to district or circuit court. Requires that action on petition be entered into Law Enforcement Data System.


19. HB 2518 Expands definition of "medical facility" to include physician's office or anywhere physician provides medical services, for purposes of criminal mischief statute which protects medical facilities.


20. HB 2630 Modifies population cap at McLaren and Hillcrest so that adult remand offenders are not included and so that population cap is recalculated every January based on the change in the number of people under the age of 19 in the state.


21. HB 2680 Allows person in domestic relations proceeding to avoid publication of residence address in court documents through use of alternative address so as to protect confidentiality of residence address.


22. HB 2785 Expands persons who can file petitions under the Family Abuse (incorporated Prevention Act to include minors under certain circumstances. into HB 2349).


23. HB 2854 Modernizes law to eliminate special statute of limitations for debts of divorced women.


24. HB 2975 Continues existence of Crime Prevention Resource Center at (incorporated Western Oregon State College, with modifications in operation. into SB 158).


25. HB 3130 Modifies Public Employee Retirement System Laws to provide better transition into coverage for certain judges who were previously covered under special judges' retirement plan.


26. HB 3184 Makes major revisions in adoption laws. Eliminates Oregon as a (significant "forum of convenience" for out of state adoptions where no portion party to the proceeding has any significant connection to amended Oregon. into SB 285).


27. HCR 6 Memorial to United Press International reporter, Joe Sands.


28. HB 2641 Provides funding for refurbishing the Samuel Thurston Memorial (appropria- at Pioneer Cemetery in Salem. $5,000 appropriated via lottery tion incorpor- bill. ated into SB 81 lottery fundsappropriations).


29. HB 5022 Capitol Planning Commission Appropriation. Governor refused to propose appropriation for Capitol Planning Commission, so Representative Mannix placed appropriation in spare committee bill and moved it through the legislative process.

30. Overall: Legal restriction on Governor's authority to withhold funds appropriated by the legislature: made into an amendment to every appropriations bill, as an added section to each such bill, so Governor cannot impound available funds (and thereby reduce legislatively-approved programs).