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Family Ties

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Mary Louise Mannix

Kevin's sister, Mary Louise Mannix, was a legal secretary at Sargent Shriver's law firm in Washington, D.C.


In the fall of 1974, shortly after Kevin became a member of the Oregon Bar, Mary Louise got Sargent Shriver to inscribe a photo to him. Here it is.


The inscription reads: "To Kevin L. Mannix - Best of luck at the Bar, on the Bench, in the legislature - or wherever you decide to serve justice. Sargent Shriver"


In 1982, Kevin chaired the Oregon committee on behalf of Sargent Shriver's potential candidacy for President.


College at University of Virginia

Here is a photo of Kevin's sister, Mary Louise Mannix (later Mary Louise Webb), during the time when she was the Administrative Assistant to the administrator at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


Mary is pictured with Jacques Cousteau at an NOAA function at about 1978. Kevin's sister worked in a variety of administrative assistant positions in federal and local government, but this was the job she most enjoyed.


With travels to places such as Japan and England for negotiations with groups such as the International Whaling Commission. Kevin can just imagine Mary sharing a laugh with Jacques Cousteau. Sadly, Mary died unexpectedly on November 18, 2006.

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