A Message from Kevin



Dear Friends:


Thank you for visiting my web site. I continue to be active in political and community affairs, and I welcome your input and support for these activities.


Here are some of the major projects in which I am involved:


  • My law firm handles business affairs, civil litigation, public policy research, analysis, and advocacy. For information, go to


  • Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Blanchet Catholic School, 1995 to 2018. Now a Board member. For information about Blanchet, go to



  • President of Common Sense For Oregon. Their website can be found at This includes Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance.



I always try to remind folks that the first things in life involve faith, family, and friends. When you have these, you can take on a lot to help improve our society.


I hope you enjoy this web site and find the information here to be helpful.

Kevin L. Mannix